Welcome To My Blog

Hey if you are on that page you are probably wondering who I am and how to make money on the internet.

You also have probably been looking at different ways of doing it for quite some time now.

When I was starting out, couple of years ago, I faced one MAJOR CHALLENGE.

There was literally TOO MUCH information about the whole make money online niche.

Some people saying "You need to do this" other saying "You need to do that".

And it's difficult and I get that.

Also you don't know who to trust, who to listen to.

It is just SOO MANY Online Gurus all having different opinions and different techniques and a lot of "SECRET" stuff to SELL YOU !

Hi, my name is Nicky D and I want to share a story with you.

In early 2015 I was working a £9 an hour job in Dorset, UK.

A look over Westbay. Beautiful place !

Weather Was Nice, Sometimes..

I was working in hospitality as this is the only thing I have ever done.

Working as a waiter - no other skills whatsoever.

Even making a spreadsheet was something that I didn't know how to do.

The place where I lived was in the MIDDLE OF NOWHERE  (literally) !

I lived inside the place where I've worked (something that is called live-in).

But not in a hotel room...


The Kitchen, Not Too Bad I Guess

The hotel was ran by a couple, kinda oldish people.

Clearly I wasn't getting along with the owner.

He really disliked me for some reason.

It was getting tough for me and I remember that inside the basement Wi-Fi connection was available ONLY IN THE CORNER OF THE ROOM.

I had to move the whole room around to be able to use that WI-FI.


I knew that I am probably going to leave this job or at least I had to have a PLAN B.

If I lose a job and I live there I am becoming homeless (technically).

The problem was that I have noticed a pattern in my behaviour.

Regardless of where I went it was never really the right place for me.

For 5 years I was changing different jobs (all in the same niche as I didn't know how to do anything else) BUT COULDN"T FIND THE RIGHT PLACE FOR ME.

I started questioning myself :

  • Why I Can't Find The Right Place For Me ?
  • Why I Can't Work In The Same Place Longer Than 1 Year
  • Why  My Boss Never Likes Me ?
  • What The Hell IS Wrong ??

Sitting on my laptop in THE CORNER where the WI-Fi was I started looking for answers - on the internet.

I was watching a lot of videos online (still do) and heard some of the people saying that they do videos online FULL TIME.

I was like : "Yeah But How Do They Make Money When They Don't Sell Anything" ?

Also I didn't really want to be on camera so decided this is not for me.

I started seeing a lot of videos about people selling on Amazon

It sounded very intriguing, but I had bad experience selling some old stuff I had around on Ebay.

I was full with doubts about everything I hear, see or learn online !

You know, the common stuff :

  • If it is that easy why is not everyone doing it ?
  • That guy is probably trying to sell me something (I was right in most cases)
  • This is very risky
  • This requires a lot of money
  • This doesn't work
  • This is fake

And so on and so on...

I really liked the idea of having an online business and the benefits it can have to my and everybody's life.

Really interesting, but I didn't have the skills or the knowledge to do anything about it.

However I started To Believe It is Possible To Earn The Same Wage From The Internet.

I left Dorset just after 3 months working for these people.

I came back to London and started working in a pub.

Didn't had a clue that this will be the last time I work for someone (FINALLY).

Took the train from a town called Dorchester and after 2.5 hours we were at London Waterloo.

I moved to the pub the same day.

I was already learning about the whole make money online thing.

But no action has been taken, just watching videos and reading blog posts.

I guess I was thinking about doing something but wasn't too sure about it.

On my second day in the pub I have already met all the staff members and there was that guy.

His name was Dan and he was working behind the bar.

Me and Dan have finished work late and decided to stay for a beer and have a chat.

We were talking about everything and I somehow mentioned selling on Amazon to him.

He was like :


I couldn't believe what a coincidence that was.

Something that I was interested for a while, wasn't exactly 100% sure about and now I see a proof ?

That guy was making more than £200 a day from these food containers and he is pouring pints in the pub for £9 an hour ?

"Hmmm something isn't right here, he is probably laying" I said to myself.

I asked him to go out for a beer one day when we are both off to discuss that further and also so he can show me how it works.

We met in another pub in Hammersmith (can't remember the name).

We sat in front of the laptops and....

He Explained To Me What Private Labelling On Amazon Is, How It Is Done and How Can I Do Something About It.

That was completely FREE of charge - he never asked for anything in return.

This was me convinced 100% that living from the internet is not ONLY possible, but actually easier than I thought it was.

At the end of the day if that guy could do it then WHY NOT ME ?

And this is how it all started - someone opened my eyes and it was for FREE.

After that meeting I made a decision that my time has finally come.

You see....

I always wanted to have my own business and work for myself but had no idea how to do it.

I was thinking about having my own restaurant which would've costed thousands and thousands If not millions.

This guy told me and made me realise that starting an online business is easier than It has ever been before.

Just A Few Months Later - I Have Registered My Company In The UK and My Story As An Entrepreneur Began.

2 Years Later I now know what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I have found something that I truly enjoy doing and WILL keep doing for a LONG LONG TIME.

Someone helped me and I will forever be grateful.

I didn't pay a penny and that meeting in that Hammersmith Pub was a moment when I finally realised WHY I couldn't find the right place for me.

That meeting opened my eyes for the SOLUTION to my problem.

If I managed to make money from the internet I would never have to worry about finding the right job.


I was failing for a long time :

I failed at drop shipping first

Failed at Private Labelling as well (significant loss)


One thing that was easy enough to start, easy enough to maintain, easy enough to learn, easy enough to master.

That one thing is what has been paying my bills, what has allowed me not to work anymore, what has allowed me to pursue my dreams and what is probably the easiest way to make money on the internet.


So if you like how it all sounds, stay around, connect with me and LET'S DO THIS THING TOGETHER !

Me in Canary Islands - a place I would Love To Live 🙂