Builderall Official Launch Review (July 2018)

Builderall launched officially and everyone in the internet marketing world is talking about it. It is a tool that competes with Clickfunnels, Leadpages, to a certain extend Thrive Themes and etc.. The hype is HUGE and in this article I'm going to tell you what I think after using the platform for a week. You can find more info about Builderall's competitors here.

Builderall was released about a year ago and it's been transformed entirely for it's official launch. I haven't used it in the past so I won't be talking about how it's been and what has changed. This review is based entirely of what it current state is.

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Let's start by saying that...

This is the most complete marketing platform on the market right NOW

I am not saying this lightly as well. The amount of functions and things you can do with it is STAGGERING. Builderall comes with everything included. It can replace your autoresponder, it can replace your messenger bot and much more. Check the list below with it's features. That is not everything!

  • Drag and Drop Pixel Builder
  • Drag and Drop Responsive Builder
  • Mobile First Drop Builder
  • Star
    Mobile App Creator for iOS and Android (first of it's kind)
  • Star
    Mailing Boss Autoresponder (UNLIMITED EMAILS FOREVER)
  • Star
    Design Studio (Eliminate the Need To Pay Other People Doing Simple Mockups For You)
  • Star
    Presentation Builder ( Extremely Easy To Use )
  • Star
    Photo Studio Mobile App ( Photo Editor )
  • Star
    Create Your Own Animated Videos (loads of pre-made templates ready for you 
  • Star
    Host Your own webinars inside builderall (live or pre-recorded) 
  • Star
    The only 2 tier affiliate marketing program where you make money when people that have signed under you make money Which Is Ready To Go

Now, let's start reviewing all the features one by one so you can get a better understanding of how they work, is it actually worth it to switch to Builderall and HOW MUCH YOU CAN ACTUALLY SAVE....

1. Pixel Builders

Now that basically is the tool you create pages with. You will see that we have 2 of them. First is called Pixel Perfect while the second is called Responsive Builder. They work pretty much the same and I wasn't able to understand the difference or the need to have 2 different builders. There is one big difference and that's the fact that with Pixel Perfect you can use a function that auto adjusts your website for mobile and tablet. This function is not available in the Responsive Builder. You also can create a blog with the Blog Builder and a Mobile Site with the mobile drag and drop.

From my experience they work and they work well. They have literally hundreds of templates so you don't have to build anything from scratch if you don't want to. That being said if you build your site or landing page from scratch sometimes things doesn't look alright on mobile. You can see the screenshot down below and that is using one of their templates without me touching anything.

Builderall Pixel Perfect Template

Builderall Pixel Perfect Template

Builderall Drag And Drop Responsive Builder Review

Builderall Drag And Drop Responsive Builder 

As you can see they look very similar. It's almost impossible to find the differences and to be honest I couldn't. You can see how the pages will look on all devices up right corner on the Responsive Builder and on the other side on the Pixel Perfect.

Keep in mind though that when you build a site or a page from scratch and then you try to see how it will look like on other devices you will probably get something like that :

Builderall Responsive Builder Messy

Builderall Responsive Builder Mess When Converting To Mobile

You can fix it by rearranging it. It's not ideal but that should get fixed. Other platforms don't have the same problem. Down below you can see that it happens even on their own templates.

Builderall Messy Templates

Builderall Messy Templates

Also worth mentioning the fact that Builderall has one of the first frap and drop Mobile APP creation tool. Yes, now you can build an app with just drag and drop. It capabilities are quite limited and you can create simple apps, BUT I love innovation and like to be able to do so without any coding whatsoever. In the next few years mobile apps will be drag and drop and seeing Builderall being one of the first is quite nice. HUGE THUMBS UP!

Builderall Mobile App Creation

Builderall Mobile App Creation

I am finishing with the builders so just to summarise: they work, have loads of templates, look and feel great. There is a little bit of work to be done but the devs are working really hard so I know that in a few weeks time the bugs will be sorted out and you will have great page, site, blog and app builders available. No other platforms offers all of that anyway.

2. Mailing Boss Autoresponder. Unlimited Emails Forever ?

This is the autoresponder which is included with Builderall. It works quite well and pretty much everything that you can do with other autoresponders can be done here as well. You can craft your emails and insert different buttons, photos, social media buttons and etc..

Sequences, Campaigns and Workflow (BETA) are all included. Check the photos below to get a feeling for Mailing Boss.

Mailing Boss Builderall Offer

Mailing Boss Builderall Main Menu

Builderall Mailing Boss Workflow

Builderall Mailing Boss Workflow

I personally like the way the workflow looks and feels.

So yeah as a whole Mailing Boss works, but as you can see from the pics I still haven't changed from my Getresponse. Not sure when. It's just I am so used to it.

All that being said I haven't mentioned the best thing about Mailing Boss. It's price!! 

Ivan Mirchev

Food Entrepreneur

I literally couldn't believe when I heard the price of this email autoresponder. I have never seen a software LIKE that being sold for a price LIKE that. The amount of money that Mailing Boss is saving me is just AMAZING. Now I can spend more on other stuff in my business and don't have to worry about expensive email autoresponders, especially with the amount of emails we sent. I doubt the offer will stay open forever so whoever you are if you are sending emails and ESPECIALLY if you send a lot of them go and get it now !

That is what a friend of mine had to say. He is right. There is no other offer like that on the internet. 

Unlimited Emails Forever and a 30 day money back guarantee for $50 Lifetime fee, not monthly !

The amount of money you can save is UNBELIEVABLE and the offer won't last forever. Click the button below and save thousands on your email autoresponder RIGHT NOW. 

Alright, alright. I am done with Mailing Boss but just wanted to STRESS that it's a HUGE offer and it's not going to last forever.

Let's now move on to...

Designing Your Own Mockups

There's not a lot to say here. I really enjoy that feature. You can now create your own mockups and if you are a complete noob in Photoshop like myself You won't have to pay all the time someone on Fiverr to do it for you.Check the pic below to see how it looks. Nice one !

Builderall Design Your Own Mockups

Builderall Design Your Own Mockups

Your Presentations Build Inside Builderall ?

Yep. You can do that as well. It's a pretty simple and straightforward presentation builder. I am currently using Keynote to do that and quite frankly this one is even easier to use. It doesn't have all the stuff that keynote can do but hey ho.

Builderall Presentation Builder

Builderall Presentation Builder

It works very well and I like it's simplicity. Would I start making presentations with it ? Probably not for now as Keynote has more complex stuff but again not everyone likes complexity.

Create your own animated videos ?

Another great feature here that NONE of Builderall's competitors has as of now. It allows you to create animated videos using different templates. Very useful indeed. The way it works is like a video editor, very similar to iMovie and Final Cut Pro. You have different templates and you can modify them and add different photos or even animated stuff.

It's really nice and as I said I love innovation so thumbs up from me.

Animated Video Creation Inside Builderall

Animated Video Creation Inside Builderall's getting interesting because some of MY FAVOURITE features in Builderall are inside their APPS section. As they are smaller apps there is not that much to say about them I am going to create a list.

  • Browser Notifications - it does exactly what it says (it's great it's included)
  • SEO on page report tool (conveniently analyses seo on the page 
  • click map - heatmaps for all your websites
  • Alternate Arrow Right
    facebook autoposting - automatically posts on your pages
  • Alternate Arrow Right
    messenger chatbot - It's hard to believe that they included even that. works very well
  • Alternate Arrow Right
    share locker - make people share your content if they want to consume it. Brilliant!
  • Alternate Arrow Right
    e - learning - create your own courses inside builderall
  • Alternate Arrow Right
    social proof - one of them little pop ups in the corner of the screen saying that someone took action on your website. conversion booster
  • Alternate Arrow Right
    lucky roulette - well...a roulette 
  • Alternate Arrow Right
    script generator - I want to pay special attention to this one. this is one helluva Feature and probably my favourite one inside builderall. what that does is basically writing your copy for you based on information that you provide in advance. You tell the script generator what your ideal customer is for example and....tadaaaa your copy is ready. game changer !

Create and run recorder or live webinars ?

Another great thing about Builderall is the fact that you can create your own webinars. Yes, that's correct. I have tested it and it works very well, even with live webinars. Imagine how much you are saving with this ONE feature only.

All you have to do is click the mouse button, enter some information about the webinar that you can see in the pic below...and that's it. You are ready. Nice one, nice one.

Builderall Webinar

Builderall Webinar

Now the most important part of this review, the reason for all the noise around Builderall and why it is one of the biggest marketing releases of 2018.....

It's affiliate program

"It has an affiliate program, so what, all marketing softwares do"! This one is slightly different though.

It's more like Business In A Box.

First.... it's affiliate program is a 2 tier program. So when someone starts using it with your link you make money BUT when someone start using it with his affiliate link you make money again ! it's a bit like network marketing. The more people use it under you the more money you make from ALL of them. NO OTHER MARKETING SOFTWARE OFFERS THAT KIND OF AFFILIATE PROGRAM RIGHT NOW!

That is great but it's not everything. 

They also provide you with all the training you need, all the funnels completely done for you. You don't have to have any experience whatsoever to start selling Builderall. Maybe that is the reason why they don't call it an affiliate program as we marketers would.

It's called Builderall Business (and it's for a reason)

So this is a complete business in a box as I mentioned above. It has the 30 day Builderall Business plan. With that you get ALL the messages to post on your social media channels, you get email swipes, pictures and all the good stuff. It's pre-made ready for you to start posting and driving traffic to your links.

Then you also get Daily Tasks 365. This is a WHOLE YEAR PLAN of how to promote Builderall. This will allow you to keep that traffic coming for a LOOONG period of time. WOW!! 

It is done in a way that even if you are a beginner or you are not a marketer at all, you can just get your links and start promoting with all the tools that Builderall made for you !

There are FREE webinars every week so you can get better at promoting and using ALL of Builderal's features, lead tree showing you every single person that you are getting commissions from and you can use their pre-made funnels to promote as well.

Now you understand why this is one of the hottest offers right now and there are decent money to be made if you join Builderall and start promoting it RIGHT NOW!

You don't need experience as everything is done for you : the posts for Social Media, the emails, the training, the webinars the community the support, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO START MAKING COMMISSIONS ONLINE FOR THE HOTTEST, BEST CONVERTING MARKETING OFFER ON THE ENTIRE PLANET.

the demand is there and no, it's not something that will last days or weeks but much. much longer than that. it also comes with a 7 day FREE trial and a 30 day money back guarantee. you've got nothing to lose!

You either make commissions using the 30 day business plan or you ask for a refund, simple as that.

There is only 1 thing that they don't teach you. there is only 1 thing that you have to be able to do to make this work. without probably won't be able to. even though it is so easy, even though the team at builderall have done a spectacular job in creating this business in a box program and this promising software.

they don't teach you how to drive traffic to your links (at least for now)

you as a marketer need to send the traffic to your links so you can make the money.

you see... it's wonderful that they have created all the posts for your social media and all the emails and all of that...


what if you don't have an audience ? what if you are connected on facebook (like most people are) only with your friends ? are your friends going to buy the product if they have no Interest in making commissions and they don't want to generate extra income?

probably not.

but... do not lose hope, you are not going to miss out because

I Will help you...

When you join Builderall using the button below you join under me.

You will get all my Bonuses which are unique and I am the only one providing them. That's bonuses worth more than $200  and will teach you how to drive traffic to your links. ANY LINKS! 

I will also help you personally to make this thing work. If it doesn't....if you don't make money in 30 days..... you get your money back and KEEP ALL OF MY BONUSES FOR YOURSELF. You also get 1 on 1 support via email, messenger, skype or any other shape or form of communication that you prefer.

As you can see this is a NO-Brainer.... click the button below and join me and let's make this work TOGETHER.

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use the button below and i will see you on the other side!

nicky D

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