Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What’s this blog about ?

This blog is all about e-commerce and making money online. I show you that it is possible, many other people are doing it and that now is a great time to start. This is the future!

Who are you then ?

My name is Nixon Dixon and I was working in hospitality for 10 years. I used to do between 50-60 hours a week for a bit more than the minimum wage here in the UK. It was DREADFUL! I had 0 experience in e commerce of anything that’s online. A bit more than an year and now I am making full time income from Amazon and tested most ecom business models. I wanted to share my journey in the ecommerce world and that’s why I created the blog.

So why are you doing it for free?

Well, 2 main reasons. First, I am very passionate about what I do, therefore I would actually enjoy doing it. Second, I don’t think that teaching how to start a business on Amazon is something you should charge money for. Most of the information is available out there and it is for free. Also it is not very complicated either.

What’s in there for you ?

A website or a blog takes money, time and effort to build and maintain. As I said I enjoy sharing information, talk and discuss everything about e commerce as I am very passionate about it. This website does make money through affiliate marketing, however it is still completely free to gather information and learn from it for all readers.  Also you get special discounts and offers that you get ONLY if you use my links. It is a win/win situation. You get more by using the links and you also help me maintain and improve the website and offer even more valuable info for all of us.