How to Start Dropshipping on Shopify


Shopify is one of the best marketplaces to kick-start your dropshipping business especially if you are a new seller. The platform provides everything you need to set-up your online store and start showcasing your products instantly. It helps you connect to a third party (supplier) who will be responsible for storing, shipping, and delivering ordered products to your customers.

To set-up your dropshipping store on Shopify, you don’t need any installation since the software is web based. It operates on all operating systems including Windows and MacOS. Shopify provides the themes and all the tools to instantly create your store and start selling. The question now is: how do you kick-start your dropshipping business on Shopify?

How Does Dropshipping Works?

In drop shipping, you are the middleman between customers and your supplier. So when a customer places an order, you will give the details of the order to your supplier who will in turn process it and ensure the shipping and delivery of the items to the customer. It means you don’t keep inventory, you only source for customers and your supplier fulfill the delivery. Yet, you receive payment for the margin between supplier’s price and retail price the item is sold to the customer.

Steps to Set Up Your Dropshipping Store

Shopify offers everything you would need to set up an e-commerce business in minutes. All you need to do is to create your account, choose a theme, find a low-cost supplier of the items you want to sell, upload your product lists, and you’re set to start selling. The steps are as shown below.

Step1: Find a profitable niche. Search for a cheap product you can sell at a higher price.

Step2: Find a legitimate supplier. Look for a genuine supplier or manufacturer who can ship and deliver ordered items directly to customers.

Step 3: Create and configure your Shopify store. Since you’re using Shopify to create your drop shipping store, choose the “I‘m not selling products just yet” from the options provided. You can also choose the option “$0 (I’m just getting started)” when asked about your yearly revenue.

Step 4: Select a Shopify plan. Choose a plan from the three options available. These are: Basic Shopify, Shopify, and Advanced Shopify.

Step 5: Start adding products to your store. Create your list and use details on the supplier’s website to craft your descriptions.

Step 6: Payment gateway. There are several payment options, these include the Shopify Payment. Choose the payment option you find most comfortable for you.

Step 7: Launching your online store. Once you have fulfilled all the 6 steps above, it’s time to launch your drop shipping business and start selling.

Make sure you do your homework diligently so you can find reliable manufacturers or suppliers who sell quality products, ship, and deliver directly to your customers on time. This, no doubt, will earn you positive feedbacks from customers that purchase your products.

With its easy-to-use configuration, it makes it a delight to run your drop shipping business on its platform. Just follow the 7 easy steps described above to launch your store and start running your dropshipping business as a middleman.

  • Rachel says:

    I have been busy researching a business I can manage whilst travelling and this looks perfect for me. Dropshipping is the best I have found so far mostly due to you not having to physically touch the products and once your page is up and running, can be managed via my mobile phone data for most of the time. I have decided on having pet care as my niche as this is popular with people all over the world but I am open to suggestions if you have any?

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