MemberMouse Membership Plugin Review

When creating a Membership Website on the WordPress platform, MemberMouse can be a useful Plugin. MemberMouse offers business owners a variety of membership management features that can be used to improve their store. MemberMouse Plugin’s main goal is to transform its clients into members and provide them with benefits in exchange for their memberships, as a protected area for unique members.

MemberMouse also includes automatic self-service and customer service options to perform tasks such as resetting a password or updating billing information more easily for the customer. In addition, you can improve your online store with one-click sales and downsells, integrations with several third-party applications and offers that include coupons and free trials.


MemberMouse Features

Content Protection For Members Only

As part of the MemberMouse Plugin, you can provide member-only content protection by creating a Members Only area that your most loyal customers can access. The pages you have selected may be password protected and may be full of exclusive content, such as videos, software, PDF files and anything else you choose. Both paid and free memberships can be offered as part of the MemberMouse interface, which allows your customers to easily register to obtain memberships and gain access to any additional content. Memberships can be customized and organized at various levels with different benefits that are provided at different levels of membership.

There are other ways to tailor the content of your website according to the memberships, regardless of whether you have an online store that sends physical products, sells digital products or software as a service (SaaS) or offers content based on member subscriptions. Unique products, scheduled content published at certain times and other types of content can be delivered to your customers according to their type of membership, the duration of their membership, the affiliate who referred them to your website or other criteria.

Automated Customer Service

To provide customer service at a faster rate, MemberMouse allows them to use automated customer support and self-service options that help them perform tasks related to their accounts without the need to call a support line. Customers can update their personal and billing information on their own, as well as any other information related to their member profiles. If they want to update an email address or reset a password, they can perform these tasks without having to communicate with anyone who works for their customer service team. This allows you to reduce the amount of labor needed to provide customer service.

Even more complicated tasks, which would require a customer service agent in other cases, can be achieved through self-service and automated customer support options when the MemberMouse plugin is used. For example, refunds, membership cancellations, credit card updates and recovery after a credit card decrease can be achieved without the help of a customer service agent. Many of these aspects of a user account can be treated simply when a customer clicks on the "My Account" page on their website.

One-Click Uploads And Downloads (SmartTags)

An important way for MemberMouse to work to increase the revenue of your business is through sales features and downloads with a single click. Additional sales suggest additional products that your customers may also like when they are moving into the purchase process and are about to buy products from your site. Downsells, on the other hand, is activated when a customer decides to cancel a purchase, providing the customer with a reduced or alternative suggestion to attract them to make a purchase anyway.

These additional sales and reduced sales options can be added to your website using SmartTags, which are abbreviated codes that can be added to a site without requiring any complex coding knowledge. These SmartTags can react dynamically to the affiliate that referred them to the website, the type of membership a client has, previous purchases and other qualities. In addition to sales reduction and reduction capabilities, SmartTags can be used to customize pages to include information such as a member's name, products they requested, or other details related to their membership on your website.

Integration Of Third-Party Applications

MemberMouse can integrate with a variety of third-party applications to improve the business experience for both administrators and customers. MemberMouse integrates with email marketing apps such as AWeber, MailChimp, iContact, and GetResponse. With this feature, so you can update your mailing lists when new subscribe/member joins your website. It also allows you to segment these mailing lists based on the types of products members purchase, so you have a more exceptional ability to guide your customers when sending email marketing campaigns.

Another way in which MemberMouse can be integrated is through several billing and accounting systems, such as PayPal, Authorize.net, Stripe, Braintree, Coinbase, ClickBank and Lime Light CRM. When you connect with one of these billing providers, MemberMouse can synchronize with all your customer accounts, and make the payment process easier for your customers. If one of these payment providers declines a payment, MemberMouse will use its automatic customer service functions to send a notification email to the customer. MemberMouse can also connect with major social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, to help customers quickly log into their website.

In general, the MemberMouse WordPress plugin offers online business owners a multitude of options to improve their business and improve the experiences of their customers. Business administration can be managed entirely from the MemberMouse interface, allowing you to view each member's order history, along with a variety of other relevant statistics. The collected data can even be compiled into customized reports that give you additional information about the performance of your business. With the ability to create sections only for members of your website and automated customer support, you are more likely to retain customers. SmartTags and integrations of third-party applications continue to improve the customer experience while making things easier from the administrative point of view. MemberMouse is an efficient solution for online member management no matter what type of business you are trying to execute.

Offers and Coupons

MemberMouse allows you to create personalized offers and coupons so you can attract more new members and join your website. There are many advertising materials that you can build with this software, such as coupons, free trials, recurring payments, unique purchases, limited time offers, etc. It gives you the flexibility to offer various types of promotions based on the current occasion. You can also give members the ability to share their content with others through the gift system. This helps spread the word more about your membership site.

Reports And Analysis

MemberMouse Analysis

More and more WordPress membership site plugin offer advanced analytics and reports. MemberMouse took a step further by emphasizing critical metrics beyond basic sales and retention. It provides unique analyzes such as lifetime customer value, retention rates, reimbursement rates, affiliate tracking and even a membership activity log. All this is provided in what MemberMouse describes as a detail of the accounting level. One area of emphasis for this plugin is not only to provide data but to provide it in a way that makes it accessible and more valuable to the owners of the membership site.


If you are considering going with (or changing to) MemberMouse, you are making a good move. But, enter with open eyes. Here are some things you should know about how to start:

  • No shipping options. For most of us, this will not matter. But, if you try to sell things that include physical shipments, you should deal with that outside of MemberMouse.
  • You pay monthly for MemberMouse. It starts at $ 19 / month and increases depending on the number of members, although for most people it will be $ 19 for a while. However, everything you pay monthly for MemberMouse can be quickly compensated. Once you earn a few dollars a month, $ 19 does not matter.
  • No GPL. This will not matter to most people, but unlike many WordPress Plugins that have the GPL software license, MemberMouse does not.  With this, you will not be able to log in and customize or hack the source code if you are a developer. Personally, I do not care But, you may.
  • No file protection. If you make the files available to members in your media library, MemberMouse does not protect them. Honestly, I do not think it's a problem, but I want you to know that.
  • Learning curve. MemberMouse is not one of those Plugins that will activate and be up and run in one hour. It will take a little time getting used to how to use products, membership levels, and packages and translate that into your business. In addition, creating the pages you want with SmartTags will require a lot of trial and error before you feel satisfied with your looks and your feelings. You will have the guts of your site running very quickly, but it will adjust things to look professional, and you will have all the luxury sales and downsells in place.
  • One license per URL. MemberMouse is a Plugin that will download, but "call home" to your license server. For this reason, you can not buy MemberMouse once and use it on several sites. Honestly, however, MemberMouse shines when you do everything under one roof.

MemberMouse assists in your timely recurring billing. Most WordPress Plugins rely heavily on WordPress to execute scheduled tasks (such as refreshes), and actual site traffic triggers WordPress tasks. Alternatively, you can set up a CRON job on your server, but this is something that many website owners do not know how to do. MemberMouse helps ensure timely billing by monitoring it from the MemberMouse servers and ensuring invoices are activated on time. It is completely safe since client information is not shared with MemberMouse. All MemberMouse get is an internal database ID, a quantity, and a billing interval. Therefore, this is a bit more security to ensure that your company does not leave timely billing to WordPress.


There are also numerous aspects of MemberMouse that still need a little work to achieve their core competence. One of the most vital areas to improve is that of payment processors that can be easily integrated with it. It only integrates with popular providers, including PayPal, Braintree, ClickBank, Stripe, and Authorize.net. 

The same goes for third-party email providers. It is only integrated with iContact, MailChimp, AWeber, and GetResponse. Considering how young this solution compares with other popular add-ons from the WordPress membership site, it should not be surprising that there are certain areas where further development is required.


MemberMouse allows you to convert your WordPress site into a full commercial platform. It is designed to grow with your business and, quite frankly, eliminates most of the other options that exist. 

MemberMouse provides the functions you need most from any membership site. One of the most outstanding features is the function of automatic blocking of piracy, which helps you to prevent piracy of your content from unauthorized distribution. Currently, this feature is not available in most membership Plugins, but with MemberMouse, you can get this simple content protection mechanism that you can get within the software subscription. Therefore, if you are concerned about the success of your membership site, as well as the security of your content, MemberMouse can be one of the best membership management software you can choose for your business.

In a nutshell, this plugin is not a mouse. You would think they would call it something that does not sound so tiny but believe me; this is powerful.

  • Jen says:

    Membermouse is something that sounds perfect for my business. I have a blog as well as an online shop. I have been looking at something that could give me a members only area where I can supply freebie downloads, secret content as well as special offer coupons. A lot of the ways I have read about have meant redesigning my whole website which is something I do not want to do. A simple WordPress plugin is just what I need. Thanks!

    • nixdix says:

      It’s very easy to use and not that expensive. Give it a try if you need a membership plug in. You can also use it just for selling products(digital) but there are other plug ins out there that will do the selling better.

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