Shopify: The Ecommerce Platform made for you


Shopify is a one-stop-shop platform that offers you the opportunity to establish your ecommerce brand online with your custom domain name and online store. The platform offers you instant access to hundreds of the best looking themes, as well as a complete control over the look, design, and feel of your online store. This gives you the unique opportunity to express the personality of your brand.

So, wherever you sell, be it online, on social media, in store, or out of the trunk of your car, Shopify comes handy for you. The beauty of it all is that it is easy to set up, and you can also enjoy 14 days trial period without having to risk your credit card.

Want to Start Selling?

Getting started has never been this easy. In fact, Shopify handles everything from marketing and payments, to secure checkout and shipping, thereby allowing you to focus on the things you love to do.

With Shopify ecommerce software, you can sell your products in many places just as easy as selling in a place. Shopify’s ecommerce software gives you a unified platform to run your business with ease. Here are the full specs:

  • Fully customize your online store
  • Add new sales channels in seconds
  • Manage unlimited products and inventory
  • Fulfill orders in a single step
  • Track sales and growth trends

With over one million active users and over $55 billions worth of items sold on shopify; the platform offers ambitious entrepreneurs all over the world the opportunity to grow their ecommerce business.

In similar manner, shoppers can enjoy a classic one-stop-shop experience with shopify. All you need to do is to visit the website and you’re certain to be greeted with a world-class customer satisfaction you’ve never experienced before on any online platform. Shopping on shopify is always a delight.

There are over 600,000 businesses doing their best with shopify. The platform continues to research and create more innovative supports that drive business growth, making it a business-haven for established and start-up entrepreneurs. Some of the features and supports you will benefit from shopify include but cannot be lesser than the following:

  • Unlimited bandwidth, product inventory, and customer data
  • Allows you to sell on other sales channels like Pinterest and Amazon.com
  • Over 100 international payment gateways supported
  • Allows you to automate your fulfillment process with 3rd party shipping apps
  • Offers 24/7 award-winning customer support


Testimonies abound when it comes to people who have leverage on the tools and support provided by shopify to achieve instant success in their ecommerce and online businesses.

According to Tina Roth Eisenberg, a designer and the founder of Tattly; Shopify has been the secret for her business instant success. “I am seriously happy about running our store on Shopify. Powerful features and easy to set up, running an online store shouldn’t be this much fun,” She says.

In the words of Corrine Anestopoulos, the founder of BIKO Jewelry, “Shopify has helped me grow my business amazingly. It’s been a pleasure because everything has been easier than I ever imagined.”

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for the right platform that support business growth or a shopper looking to achieve unrivalled online shopping experience, shopify is the ecommerce platform made especially for you.

  • Joanne says:

    I wasn’t aware that Shopify gave you a 14 day free trial. I think this is a really good although I am not sure if this gives you enough time to see the true power of Shopify. I guess if you have everything up and running within the first few days then it will give you over 10 days to make some sales. Would it be easy for someone like me who is not very computer literate? Thanks, Joanne.

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