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Traffic Sources – Best Paid and Free Traffic Sources for your Affiliate Marketing Products

When talking about Affiliate Marketing, the most important thing that first comes to mind is “traffic”. After all, Affiliate Marketing is about selling products, and for that, you need people to see the offer and buy it.

You may have a great offer to promote, an excellent landing page and have created a top-level sales funnel, but at the end of the day, you still need traffic to promote your affiliate offers. In addition, you need high quality targeted traffic to your affiliate offers.

Many affiliate marketers struggle with the promotion of offers. They ran out of ideas and can not find a way to promote affiliate offers.

Over the years, it has become the biggest problem with affiliate marketers: finding the best sources of traffic to promote affiliate offers.

In this article, I will outline what Traffic, types of traffic and the free and paid methods to direct traffic to your affiliate marketing offers/products.

What is Web Traffic?

Web traffic is the amount of information that different types of users or readers of a website or social networks send and receive in them, in other words, web traffic refers to the data generated by visitors to an online site, such as the number of visitors, comments and even amount of "likes" received.

Types of Traffic

Cold Traffic: Cold traffic is anyone who visits your site and has little or no idea of what you have to offer and who you are. This is often the majority of your traffic, especially if you are unknown or are starting. How satisfied first timers are with your content (cold traffic) will determine the success of conversion rates.

Warm Traffic: It is those visitors who return to your site because they are subscribers, or want to continue a discussion they participated in or to conclude whatever they were doing on your website. They already have some familiarity with you, the content of your site or with what you have to offer.

Source of Traffic to Affiliate Marketing

Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing

It is tough to get free traffic to a new website, and that is why I will be showing you how to get paid traffic too. Search engines do not trust you; you do not have backlinks or a large number of followers on social networks.

Next, you will see a


1. SEO: The Search Engine Optimization traffic is the best traffic a website can get. It is the kind of traffic that any online seller wants for your business. It is the most specific traffic you can find on the Internet. Targeted traffic means sales. When you get a ranking for particular keywords, visitors who read your content about a specific topic or product are interested and are referred to as targeted traffic.

2. Facebook: The statistics of Facebook is quite impressive. It is the third most visited website in the Alexa ranking after Google and YouTube. You probably already know that the best way to use Facebook to get traffic to your website with the use of pages and groups of Facebook followers.

Consistency will always be the secret. All you need to do is create a group or a fan page and update it every day in the beginning. After a while, you will start to get likes and organic views in your post. Keep in mind that the design of your Facebook page and the quality of your publications will determine your success on Facebook.

3. YouTube: YouTube is overgrowing in recent years. You can use YouTube as both a search engine and a social media platform where they have fun watching exciting videos. All you have to do to enjoy YouTube traffic is to start a YouTube channel for your website. If you want YouTube to be the main source of traffic for your website or your landing page, then you should be very good at creating videos. There are many ways to do this. Powerpoint videos, recording your desktop and conversations in front of the camera are the most common ways Youtubers users use to create unique videos. You can also hire a freelancer to create great videos for you if you have a budget to spend.

Statistics such as the percentage of clicks and the average time a user watches their videos are vital to obtaining the position on the first page of YouTube.

4. Pinterest: Pinterest is different from social networks like Twitter and Facebook. You are not sharing links or articles, but visual content such as images and videos. Pinterest could be an excellent source of traffic if you use it correctly.

5. Twitter: According to Statista, Twitter has more than 330 million active users, and 80% of the 300 million users access the website through mobile. Any website or business (online and offline) must have at least one presence on Twitter and Facebook, even if they do not update their content on a daily basis. That is my opinion.

6. Reddit: Reddit is the number fourth most visited website in the United States and number sixth worldwide according to Alexa. While on Pinterest, the more users are women, in Reddit the exact opposite happens, and most of them are men. When you decide to promote your website on Reddit, you should know that Reddit hates spam. You can not create your account and start publishing your links. They'll kick you out as soon as possible.

My candid advice is to find a subreddit relevant to your business and answer questions for a week before posting anything. When you think you know what people like on your subreddit, make an excellent publication without displaying any of its links. If they find it exciting, create another quality post with a link to your website.

7. Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn and other social networks: Your audience can be found on many social networks that I do not mention in this list. Some companies receive tons of traffic from social networks like Instagram and LinkedIn. Discover how you can create quality content for your audience and find the best place to publish it. It can be videos, images, articles or whatever you want.

8. Blog commenting: Blog comments are an excellent way to get targeted traffic if you use it correctly. Many people comment on blogs and other websites because they think it will improve their ranking on Google. This is just an SEO myth. You can get targeted and profitable traffic if you make good comments on blogs relevant to your niche. To make a quality comment, you need to read the post and add value.

9. Q&A Website: Another mega source of traffic is by answering questions on Q&A Websites. An example of this Q&A Website is quora. Quora is the 57th most visited website in the United States and 121st in the world according to Alexa Ranking. 

If the free traffic takes more time, then you can give paid traffic a try.

Let's go down and see what the sources of traffic paid to promote affiliate offers are.


Social Traffic

One of the best things about social traffic is that it includes relevant people who share similar interests. If a product is wanted or recommended by someone, it has a seal of appreciation.

Twitter Ads: Using Twitter to promote affiliate offers requires that you develop relationships and create specific lists based on interests. Let the content make the sale and not the Tweet. On Twitter, it's the relationship that sells and not the message. Then, create credibility first, and then you can create a successful business.

Facebook Ads: Facebook can be an important tool in your affiliate strategy. The most important thing is that it works with many niches and the approvals are fast. You can target almost anything on Facebook. However, it is strict with certain niches, such as dating, gambling, and weight loss.

Search traffic

Search Sources of Traffic for Affiliate Marketing

The advantage of Search Traffic is that it is easy to promote affiliate offers. You simply have to choose a product for the promotion, get your affiliate link and set up a PPC ad to promote that link.

7 Search: it's an excellent place to start your affiliate marketing. It is easy to set up the advertising campaign and offers high-quality search traffic. The keyword offer can be as low as $ 0.01.

Bing: Bing happens to be the most preferred for Affiliate Marketers Bing is super friendly with affiliates. Bing allows you to place affiliate links directly in your ads. All you need to do is get your promotion URL and then create a Bing PPC ad using that affiliate link.

Google AdWords: Good AdWords is not friendly to Affiliates if you promote directly. However, if you make an adequate sales funnel with good websites and capture forms of potential customers, it may work.

Adult traffic

Today, many affiliates use adult traffic to drive dating offers. However, you can use adult sites to direct traffic to any other product or service. Adult sites get a lot of traffic, and you can use this traffic for promoting your affiliate offers. Here, I have listed some of the best adult traffic networks.

EroAdvertising: It is one of the most popular adult trafficking networks. It offers PPC, CPM advertising solutions. It serves ads in more than 200 countries. For the publisher, they pay weekly or monthly.

ExoClick: ExoClick happens to be among the largest advertising networks in the world. The offers CPC, CPM and fixed price ads. For publishers, the payment is made weekly or monthly.

Pop-Under / Pop-Up Ads

Pop-Under Advertising offers the main advertising campaigns of conversion. They offer a wide reach to their advertising partners. Pop-Under Ads can be used to capture email addresses, promote shopping sites and many other things that you can promote in Pop Ads.

PopAds: is one of the pop-under advertising networks that pay the best. Process the payment request daily. It has advertisers from up to 50 countries. With PopAds you can look for perfect security and excellent support, too.

Adsterra: Adsterra happens to be another very rewarding Pop-under advertising network. It is considered the fastest growing Pop-In Ad Network. It offers Pop-Under, Push-Up Ads, Display Banners, Direct Links, etc.

PopCash: Offers total control over your affiliate marketing advertising campaigns. It is reliable and safe. Provide detailed statistics In addition; it does not require a minimum budget for the campaign.

Solo Ads

Solo Ads is used when you do not have a list of prospects to promote your affiliate offers. It requires finding a provider that has a large list of subscribers related to your niche who may be interested in your affiliated products or services. You pay the seller for the rental of the list of subscribers.


Please note, the above-listed traffic sources (paid and free) are not the only source on the internet. All we did was to list the best free and paid traffic sources in 2018. As I will always say, do not try to dominate more than 2 or 3 at a time. Master at least one source before dominating another.

There are many other ways to get free traffic than these. If I had to recommend one of above-listed for a new website, I would go with the Search Engine Optimization traffic at the beginning.

If you have any questions or want to add something, leave your comment below.

Thank you for reading.

  • Wendy says:

    I have been struggling for so long to get traffic to my website. I have found the best method for me is Facebook but with the change in its algorithm, it is harder and harder to get seen. I often take part in liking and comment swaps to trick Facebook into showing my posts to more of my followers. It has worked well and the amount of views and clicks on my posts have gone up. I haven’t paid for an ad on Facebook for a long time as even though it is easy to target the right people, I did hear that Facebook then reduces the amount of people who see the rest of your posts, encouraging you to boast it again. Do you agree with this theory?

  • Samantha says:

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