3 Ways To Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Affiliate Marketing is the type of marketing which consists of promoting products or services from third parties, allowing us to earn a commission for each products sold via our link.

Therefore, the idea would be:

  • We evaluate a product or services that we like and fit with our audience.
  • We decided to promote that product or service by including it in our marketing actions.
  • Every time someone buys the product or service via our affiliate link, we earn a commission.

But be careful, it is not as easy as it seems, since you must take into account a win-win-win strategy and, sometimes, achieving it can be a challenge, but once it is achieved, it is a great benefit for all.

What is this strategy about?

win win win ways to start affiliate marketing

First Win is for the company that created the product or service will obtain a new customer without having carried out any marketing strategy, they will only pay a commission referral.

Second Win is for the consumer who has been able to satisfy a wish or a need that he had, thanks to having provided the product easily and quickly, optimizing his time and avoiding problems such as suppliers.

Third Win is for the company that promoted the products and services to their audience. They will be given commission per sale via your affiliate link.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing


  • We save time in the creation of products.
  • It is not necessary to offer customers support, since this service is provided by the same company that created the product or service.
  • These types of strategies allow the company to grow without risk.
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    It is a more efficient system than online advertising.


Affiliate Commission is based on results, therefore, the click on your affiliate link has no value. The important thing is the purchase carried out via your affiliate link


  • The customers we gain are not our customers, but belong to our affiliate, therefore, we cannot maintain a lasting relationship with them.
  • The number of promotions that can be made can be a little limited, since the fundamental thing is to try not to tire the audience so they do not leave.
  • It is not enough to put an affiliate link at a strategic point or anywhere on our website, but you should also create promotional campaigns as we would with our own products or services.


questions you should ask before promoting affiliate marketing products

When researching to decide what to promote, you should always ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I use this product and can I recommend this to others?
  • Will the majority of my readers and followers benefit from the use of this product?
  • Is there a good affiliate commission rate?

If you can answer “yes” to each of these questions, the product is probably a good option and it's worth promoting.

What you should do next is to make a list of the products you use and that you think your blog audience would also benefit from using.

These may include corresponding products as well. If you write about travel, for an instance, you can include tons of products such as luggage, headphones, backpacks and clothes as well.

To read more about affiliate marketing, checkout the posts below where I explained everything about affiliate marketing.

How To Promote An Affiliate Offer

This happens to be the most important part.

At this point, you should have a clear idea of what Affiliate Marketing is, have an idea of what its advantage and disadvantages, the strategies behind Affiliate Marketing and the questions to ask yourself before promoting an Affiliate Product.

But if you do not know how to promote them properly, then it makes no sense.

In this section, we will look at some of the easiest and most successful ways to promote an affiliate offer.

3 Ways to Start Affiliate Marketing

In this blog post, I will explaining in details different methods to start Affiliate Marketing. There are different methods to promote a product or services and that is what I will be laying out for all. 

I will start with YouTube. That is right... Enjoy!

How to use YouTube for Affiliate Marketing

using youtube to promote affiliate marketing products

Starting your own YouTube Affiliate channel is easy. You can start your YouTube trip today and start uploading videos in an hour if you really want it.

Depending on the type of videos you want to make (for example, real-life footage versus game capture), you may need a configuration that is capable of working well. Take a look at this list and see if there is anything you need to start:

A YouTube Account

Registration is free and takes less than 5 minutes to start. When you register, you get access to the Creator Studio section, which allows you to upload videos, write descriptions, upload thumbnails, etc.

This is where you will spend a lot of time analyzing your video content, seeing what works and what does not work.

An Amazon Associates Account

This is an affiliate network that will give you the products to promote in your videos. Anyone can sign up, but there is a review process. I was approved almost immediately, but sometimes it can take a couple of days.

You probably do not need to worry about this yet; without any video content, you have nowhere to place ads.

Video Editing Software

Currently, there are many video editing software programs in the market, but if you're just getting started, there's nothing wrong with using Windows Movie Maker for free. It's fine for simple editing, voice-overs and making quality videos.

If you want something with a few more features, you may consider getting a premium product like Sony Vegas or Adobe Premier.

A Decent Computer

Making videos can consume the processing power and RAM of your computer. If you are making long videos, making many editions and recordings, your computer will need a good CPU and a good amount of ram.

A good idea is to test your current computer and see how it works. If you think the video capture is slow or if the video editing software continues to fail, it is usually a sign that you need a better computer.

Updating RAM is very easy and inexpensive to do; but a good high-end CPU can cost north of $ 200 these days.

A large Hard Drive

Uncompressed video streams can consume up to 100 GB after a couple of videos, so I recommend you buy a 2-3 TB hard drive so you can store all your data. Since the files are large, I do not recommend using cloud storage for this.

Microphone and WebCam (Optional)

Depending on the type of videos you're doing, you'll want to invest in some decent peripherals when it comes to microphones and webcams.

You may not want to make voiceovers or show your face, but the more interactive your videos are, the more likely it is that viewers will find your content interesting.

Digital Camera(Optional)

If you want to make your own real life footage, you should invest in a digital camera. The cost of this device depends on the quality of the footage you want to take.

These days you can buy cameras that record 4k images, but you may only want standard HD. If you are on tight budget, an iPhone can do a good job, especially if you have one of the newer models.

Screen Recording Software

If you are making videos about games or making testimonial where you need to capture your screen, you will need some kind of video capture software.

Fortunately, you can find a great free software that can do this for you. Take a look at OBS Studio, free to use, which works very well to record and stream content to sites like YouTube.

Tips for Making Great YouTube Content for your Affiliate Channel

When it comes to making video content for your Affiliate Marketing Channel, there is definitely a learning curve. If you have no experience with the posting of videos, it is likely that your first video will crap.

But do not be discouraged.

The first step is to create created content, do your best and publish it there. Then, you can listen to and refine your technique. How to write a blog or write a book; little by little you will improve and soon, you will be producing high quality content.

Here are some important tips for creating great YouTube content:

  • Make your video relate to the product you are trying to sell. It does not make sense to make a video about the latest fishing rods if you're trying to sell Apple iPhones. People who watch your videos are interested in the content, so give them something they can enjoy.
  • Do not create unpleasant, noisy, saturated videos. If you do not have much to say, it's fine; Do not fill it in with long presentations or by talking repeatedly about the same information.
  • Obtain decent quality footage. At a minimum, you should upload your videos in 720 HD, but now more than ever the default quality is 1080 HD and in some cases up to 4k.
  • check
    If you are going to provide comments, make sure you have a decent microphone. The sound quality is really remarkable when you buy cheap microphones and you can immediately postpone your viewers. Do not make your videos sound as if they were transmitted through a 56kb connection.
  • check
    Interact with your audience. Respond to comments, tweets, Facebook comments and everything else. Answer emails if people have questions. In most cases, you will find even more content to ask in these questions than you would on your own.
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    If you have a limited budget, do not be afraid to use trial versions of the software. I used Adobe Premier to do my YouTube introduction (the test is 30 days, it took less than 5). There is also a lot of free software that you can use as well. Do you research and try as hard as possible? When you start earning money, feel free to reinvest it in your company and buy something with a little more quality.
  • check
    When providing affiliate links, what you want to do is discretely, but also so that the user really sees it. You can place links in your description (mention this in your video) or even place annotations in your videos for people to click. It would not send spam to your videos with links, otherwise, people will only see your videos as insistent and trying to sell something. The best way is to look genuine and honest.
  • check
    Make sure you're excited about the video as much as you want your audience to be. If you do not show enthusiasm for your video, speak with a bored voice or a slow, monotonous style, how do you expect your audience to feel connected with you? The best Youtubers Affiliates are masters of this craft; They make you want to buy the product, but they are also entertaining and provide information in a striking way.
  • check
    Plan your video before doing it. Hiking is a way of making a long and saturated video that can cause your bounce rate to shoot up to the sky (people who click on the video). Make a script to follow (but surrender to improvisation) and do not be afraid to cut content that does not interest you or does not interest you. Nobody wants to know anything about your grandmother's sixth birthday in a video that unpacks the latest shoes.
  • check
    Know what type of video you are going to create; Is it a tutorial? Is it a review of a product? Is it a lifestyle advice or beauty makeup tips? There are so many different options you can do for your videos, so feel free to do many more. You can analyze using your YouTube dashboard to see which videos work better than others.
  • check
    Know your product. The best content you'll see on YouTube is from someone who knows what you're talking about. If you are new to using a product, be sure to notify your users, otherwise it will appear that you do not know what you are doing. Research reviews and other content so you can see what other problems / problems users have and see if you can address them in your video.

How to add Amazon Affiliate link to YouTube

If you use the Amazon affiliate network, adding affiliate links to your videos is easy.

The first thing you want to do is get your Amazon affiliate link. You can do this by searching the Amazon Associates product link database; identify the product you want to advertise, look for it and then you will be presented with the link options.

Since you are creating video content, all you want is a simple text link. Amazon even provides an abbreviated version of the URL of its affiliate links to facilitate the link.

Once you have your link, go to your YouTube Creator Studio and find your video. Then you will want to decide how you will place your Affiliate Link. There are two options:

1. As an annotation. The annotations are small selectable boxes that appear in your video while you watch it. You can make them appear at any time, either for a short period or even for the entire video. Click the End screen and annotation tab in Creator Studio and you will be given options to add linkable annotations.

2. In the description of the video. Simply paste the URL of the link in the description and YouTube will automatically convert it into a clickable link.

Either method can be beneficial. If you do not want to force the links in your spectator throats, you can place the link in the description and perhaps mention where the users can find the link in their actual video. The notes are much more on your face, but receive more attention and clicks.

How much money can I make from being a YouTube Affiliate?

Most YouTube affiliates do not share their earnings with their viewers, so they have no way of knowing how effective it is to be a YouTube affiliate.

However, we can look at some Affiliate networks and estimate how much you could earn.

Amazon Affiliates generally pay between 3-5% commission for each product sold. However, what will really determine how much you earn is your conversion rate.

This number is based on the number of people who watch your videos and then buy a product that you are advertising.

This can be as low as 1%, but others have reported around 8%. It really depends on your niche and the products of your advertising.

Using these numbers, let's say you're advertising a product that costs $50. You have a commission rate of 5%. Your YouTube video gets 50,000 views. Of those 50,000, you have a generous conversion rate of only 3%.

3% of 50,000 is 1,500.

1,500 x $ 60 = $75,000.

You earn 5% of $75,000 which is $ 3,750.

Then you would have won $ 3,750 in a video. Of course, these numbers are very generous, but it allows you to speculate how much other YouTubers can earn. You can see there is money to be made.

What are some good Affiliate Networks for YouTube?

Affiliate Marketing platforms

When you start creating affiliate links in your videos, you'll want to consider the different affiliate networks available. Each network offers different rates, products and requirements to join. Choosing the right one for you can increase your gain significantly, so do not be afraid to shop around.

1. Shopify. 

If you refer to Shopify stores, you can earn a commission based on the sales that people make to these merchants. Shopify stores sell products that tend to be quite specialized (unbranded products)

2. Amazon Associates. 

Probably the most popular and the one that most YouTubers look for. They offer an incredible catalog of products to sell and they are a program of great reputation to accompany.

3. Ebay Partner Network. 

If the products that you promote are of our "ebay" type, you can register in this network. Every time you refer someone to a list and the item is sold, they pay you.

4. Custom Affiliates. 

Many sites offer their own affiliate program that is specific to their products. Take, for example, Creative Market. They allow you to become an affiliate and earn money when you refer people to your market. Take a look at the relevant products for your channel and you can find a site that offers its own affiliate program.

How to get views on your YouTube Videos

When it comes to getting views in your YouTube videos, great content is what will make the real difference. However, there are some other marketing gimmicks that can be applied to help your videos come to light.

1. Ranking On Top in YouTube search rankings

Actually, there are quite a few signs of classification that you can work on to help improve your videos in the rankings. The higher your video is in the search, the more traffic and views you get.

2. Social Media

Share your videos on Twitter, Facebook, Google, Reddit, etc. It can help you improve your videos. You can make your followers also share, therefore, create an excellent way to increase content.

3. Create a backup Website

Sharing your video on your own website is a way to get views. The more times a video is compared, the more YouTube considers the video popular and ranks it higher. Your own website also has the ability to sort the keywords in the long queue that can be another source of traffic.

4. Ranking high in Google Search Rankings

You can get a lot of organic traffic by having video rank in the Google search engine listings. If this is your strategy, I recommend going through a niche product, and the competition will be easier to obtain. It is possible that you have the possibility of obtaining a high rank for a makeup product that you have never heard of, but there is no possibility of obtaining a ranking for an Apple iPhone due to competition.

5. Share your Content on related sites

Obviously, you can not send unwanted emails to your videos in all parts, but you must make posts / replies about your content that you think other users may find interesting. The more times your videos are shared, the more YouTube sees your video as useful and gives you a boost in your ranking. You will also get traffic from those shared videos, some may even be evergreen.

6. Make sure your Videos are properly titled

You want viewers who are searching hundreds of videos to click on your video and a good title can be the key to this. Make sure your title is captivating and that you stay true to your video content. The creation of videos simply clicks so that your video is rejected and the bounce rate will trigger. These two negative signals will cause your video to be pushed towards the oblivion of the search.

7. Upload Consistently

We've probably heard about other YouTube users who mentioned a time-of-service calendar, because viewers also focus on the next video. If your channel has many subscribers, it is often a matter of checking your subscription boxes for new videos. Having content regularly uploaded helps to keep your viewers on board with your brand.

8. Eye-catching thumbnails

Like the titles, they are the thumbnail. Creating a good thumbnail is a delicate skill: you do not want it to look like an amateur. Different niches have different standards for the thumbnail. The thumbnail of games are usually very bright, with a great text and an attempt of "amazement". But news videos usually include simple thumbnails with elegant text to make them look professional.

How to Promote Affiliate Product With Your Blog

Promote Affiliate Marketing Products with Blog

Using your blog to get a passive income through affiliate sales is something many bloggers aspire to. It is not like this? But you will not earn money if you do not receive visits to your site and you will not get that constant traffic until you have a blog worth visiting.

There are many ways to generate affiliate sales through your blog, but having affiliate products to sell is only a small part of the image. This article will focus on five elements you should consider, before and after registering in any affiliate program.


Word of mouth advertising is by far the best, most solid and effective form available ... and it's free! The favorite price of all. This is what you are trying to take advantage of in affiliate sales and you can consolidate all of your best product recommendations on one page.

As you build your reputation as an expert, your followers will trust your opinions and a single page of recommendations will allow you to recommend products outside of a blog post.

Every time you recommend a product or tool, you are putting your own reputation on the line and that is one of the most valuable assets you have in the business.

Never recommend a product or service that is not of good quality and never lies, say a product is good if it is not. You only have to do it once to lose all the confidence you have acquired with many of your followers.

You can also create your own tools and products and add them to this category if you possess the necessary skills or are willing to outsource this aspect of your business to earn even more money.


If you simply concentrate on making affiliate sales, you are likely to scare people. When you do a Google search for anything related to a particular niche, what are you looking for? Usually, you are looking for an expert.

Therefore, it follows that if you are an expert in a particular niche, you will attract traffic. So, how do you establish yourself as an professional?

There is more than one piece for this puzzle. Obviously you need a lot of knowledge about your niche. You need your own blog where you can share your knowledge and participate in discussions.

Write a lot of content to educate people. Once people are comfortable with you as an expert and have developed a community, you can begin to include affiliate products in your blog posts.

Nobody wants to be sold all the time. They want to believe that they are making purchasing decisions on their own, therefore, when you include links and affiliate products in their blog posts, you should try to provide genuine solutions to common problems.


A growing mailing list is key to long-term success in selling affiliates and your blog, for that matter. However, just because someone subscribes to your blog, does not give you permission to send them countless sales emails every day. You're smarter than that!

The use of an automatic response (such as Aweber or GetResponse) will help you stay in regular contact with your subscribers, but the type of information contained in the emails must vary. Regular newsletters give you the opportunity to share articles, reports, e-books and even free products sometimes.

Your affiliates' sales emails must be interspersed with these other emails so that the people on their lists do not feel like they are always being sold to them. This builds relationships and relationships again.

Also allow your subscribers to provide comments to make sure you know if you are taking the wrong approach.


Product reviews is an excellent way to include affiliate links in a valuable and educational blog post. Whenever possible, never write a comment about a product that you have not used yourself.

If you are going to make money this way, it is better to really know how well a product works to be honest with your community.

However, it is not always possible to use all products, so some reviews will be based on research and opinion. You should always write an honest but positive review of the product and have an affiliate link within the review that goes to the product.

Here it is vitally important that you do not hide the fact that you are an affiliate. Lack of transparency can diminish the confidence of some of your readers. There is nothing wrong with making commissions based on the reviews you have written if you are honest about everything.


Banner ads can be effective, but you should consider the size and location within your blog. Most affiliate product tools have a selection of banners you can use, so try different to see which banners can give you the best results for your money. Avoid large posters and those with conflicting colors. Remember that they are only one aspect of your blog's design. You should not overcome everything else for what you worked so hard to design.

Making money from affiliate sales can be very lucrative, but it's not as easy as waving a magic wand. It involves a lot of planning in the short, medium and long term to ensure that your business grows constantly and that your income also increases. Do not be afraid to make chances to your style to see if they can improve aspects of your business. You can always change them again if they do not work.

You are the owner of your own destiny (and your blog). Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

How To Use Social Media For Affiliate Marketing

Promote Affiliate Marketing Products with Social Media

Using social networks for affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start earning money online.

While the use of social media for affiliate marketing can be one of the most effective methods, you will want to make sure that your social media posts not only disseminate your affiliate link and website, but also have value.

The worthless posts are posts that will make your audience lose interest and confidence in you, making your efforts to use social networks for affiliate marketing useless.

For example, in my social media platforms I like to have 90% of my post just as entertainment or education and only 10% of my post have something to do with promotions.

Methods for effective use of Social Networks for Affiliate Marketing

There are several different tips and tricks that you can use for more effective affiliate marketing on social networks.

A community of like-minded and motivated people can help you exchange ideas from others, but first you need to get these ideas from somewhere. Some proven methods for success in social networks for affiliate marketing are:


Affiliate links have become easy to detect, and this can reduce potential traffic within your audience by feeling "lazy" or as if you were pulling one of them.

Instead of using only your affiliate link, create a redirect link that looks a little simpler and cleaner, and therefore more attractive for people to click.


Pictures say more than a thousand words and are one of the best ways to draw attention to the post on social networks. Think of scrolling through your newsfeed. On what kind of posts do your eyes naturally fall while you move carelessly?


The use of product photos or related photos to accompany your posts containing affiliate marketing links will naturally attract the attention of your reader and, therefore, will draw their attention.

The use of Instagram to promote affiliate products will show you the power of the photos.


When using social media for affiliate marketing, you should always concentrate first on your content.

Do your social media posts have the ability to stand on their own regardless of your affiliate link? Do they provide anything of value to your audience? Do they attract attention?

By using the right education and finesse, you can learn how to truly attract audiences from your social media platform and demand their attention with interesting, high-quality content.


Staying active helps keep your audience on board, and no matter which platforms you use, communicate and publish regularly is important. For this reason, it is also important not to overdo it by using too many social networking platforms, as juggling all these different audiences effectively without inadvertently neglecting their audiences can be difficult.

To stay optimally active, first focus on one or two social media platforms, and when you feel more comfortable publishing and actively communicating with both, then you can include another one to ensure that your audience is well served.

An excellent way to stay active and stay that way is to devote a couple of hours each day and dedicate this time to your affiliate marketing efforts on social networks.


You will always be more successful in promoting a product that you love and if you impress your audience with a quality product, it's more like doing word-of-mouth marketing for you.

And, as always, you must include a disclosure. Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest support hashtags, so #aff, #afflink, or #affiliate work, as well as (affiliate) or (affiliate link) can be used as disclosure. 

By following some simple rules, tips and tricks, even a beginner in social networks can master the art of using social networks for affiliate marketing. Social media has been designed to be easy to use and not too complex, and this is true if you are only publishing your vacation photos to your friends and family, or if you are posting the affiliate link for a product that you believe in. and want to share with your followers.

Using these proven methods can ensure that you are using social media for affiliate marketing to the best of your abilities and, therefore, get all the benefits that go with it.


I know it was a lot of information, but if you've been struggling to figure out how to start promoting affiliate marketing, the above strategies are a fantastic starting point.

This is how I earned my first dollars online, and has the potential to create a profit / gain for you and your audience!

What questions do you have about affiliate marketing? Share them with us in the comments and I will do my best to answer each of them.